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One:eight productions

P.O. Box 4321
Grapevine, TX 76051



What can I expect from your process?

First things first, we want to hear about you - what you do, what you love about it, and how you think we could best help you.

  1. We will set up an initial face-to-face meeting with you, either in person or via Skype. We want to use this opportunity to get to know you (and your organization) better and learn about the important story you want told. We will brainstorm effective ways to tell your story, making sure we have a clear understanding of your vision. We may add in ideas or alterations if we think it would help reach your goals. 

  2. After our initial meeting, with a green light from you, we will put together a bid consisting of a financial quote and creative brief, based on your needs, your means, and a specific creative concept. We require a small deposit for bids, but that cost is credited to the first production payment. 

  3. Once the bid is agreed upon, we will work with you to create a production schedule. Dates and times sometimes change, but having a written schedule helps the project move along.  

  4. We do our thing. We film/photograph/design something specifically tailored to your needs, according to our project agreement. 

  5. You grow. Our ultimate goal in our work is to see your organization flourish and achieve greater public awareness, more momentum, more funding, a sense of excitement about your cause. 

What if I just want help with a small project?

We have a simpler process for smaller projects such as family/child portraits, corporate headshots, engagement photos, or small design tasks. Rates are always available upon request. Send us a message using the contact form at the top of the page, and fill us in on the details of your project.

How much do you charge?

The short answer is that we can do at least something with pretty much any budget. The cost of a project depends heavily on a number of variables including planning time, production time, scope, and the number of rounds of editing you'd like to have. Specific rates are always available upon request. 

I have a good camera and iMovie, should I just do this myself? 

That's a great question. We're so glad you asked. The average person today has instant access to better photo and video recording equipment than any other generation before us. People are constantly taking pictures together, recording videos of their kids, and posting them to social media for their loved ones to see. We think it's amazing that we have that capability. Have you ever noticed, though, that a truly great photo or video gives you a feeling you can't quite describe? You look at it for longer than most other things you're bombarded with on a given day. In a way, you get lost in it. You remember what it looked like long after it has disappeared from your field of vision. When you have an audience you want to impact in the way we just described, or you want memories of something that matters dearly to you in a format that takes you back to that exact moment, it is best to hire a professional.