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We love working with One:Eight Productions! They are sensitive to the concerns of a non-profit or ministry, both in terms of message and finances. They are supremely competent, commercially relevant and refreshingly creative: it is a perfect blend for us.

What I love most about working with Allan and Patty is that they worked hard to truly understand our message before they ever started filming. They walked along side us and became students of who we are and what we do, and then they worked to capture it through video and images. It means everything to us that our creatives accurately convey our message rather than paint us to be who they want us to be. Allan and Patty just get it.
— Blake Coffee, Executive Director of Christian Unity Ministries
One:Eight Productions came to Kenya in 2016 to help us to better document our beautiful ministry through film and photography. They interacted with our staff and children to produce three powerful and informative videos that collectively portray Naomi’s Village and Cornerstone in ways that mere words could never have accomplished. A story is not a story until it is told by those who lived it. They understood this simple truth and that has made all the difference in what they produced. They put their heart into this work, helping our Kenyan staff and children find voices to speak in ways that just may change thousands of people as a result.
— Bob Mendonsa, MD | Founder & CEO of Naomi's Village